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We are supposed to be having our annual March Madness Sale right now and basketball is supposed to be on half the T.V.s in America. 

Instead we are having to learn how to live and get through a Pandemic.  

This isn't what any of us would have expected or asked to deal with, but it is here and we have to adapt.  

We are still having our annual sale of 20% STOREWIDE, but with a little bit different focus. 

The grocery stores are empty right now and many are freaking out.  That leaves a lot of us wondering how we are going to have enough food for our family or how to keep our health up so our immune system can fight off the COVID-19 virus. 

While there is no magic pill that prevent specifically COVID-19 there is plenty of science supporting that if we have a strong immune system we have a better chance of fighting off this nasty virus. 

Nutrients like Probiotics which support a healthy gut and researchers have confirmed that much of our immune system starts in our gut.  So ensure a healthy gut and you will ensure your immune system has the best chance of doing what it needs to do. 

Now here is where we need to adapt a little with food selection and intake. 

You may not have many options at your locals stores to eat healthy or even junk foods might be sparse. 

We have a delcious and filling Meal Replacement shake that can take care of any hunger.  It is called Lean.  You can use this as a substitute for a few of your meals each week.  It will help stretch out the food you are able to purchase.  

We also have 2 different protein powders and something called Active Recovery. 

Now while these alone don't provide enough calories for a full meal what you can do with all 3 is mix in 1-2 Tbsp of peanut butter along with some ice and now you have a full caloried meal that is going to keep you full for many hours.  

We also have other recipes here on our site that you can make using Lean, Protein or Active Reovery and spread out the food you have.  Here are some of them >>

Again if we think outside the box we can get through this and also keep our nutritional status top notch so our immune system can do its job in fighting off the virus if by chance you come in contact with it.  

Here is the list of products I just mentioned and the quantities we currently have in stock.  

The ENTIRE STORE IS On Sale Though. 

Just use COUPON CODE: MM20 when checking out and save 20% off anything in your cart. 


Probiotics (Quantity In Stock: 483) >>

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Vanilla Protein (Quantity In Stock: 73) >>  More is on its way. 

Chocolate Protein (Quantity In Stock: 82) >> More is on its way.