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Jaylab Pro Probiotics 6 Pack

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 Do You Want To Squash Inflammation, Combat Deadly Super Bugs All While Maintaining Good Health AND Shedding Years Of Belly Fat?


 From the Desk of Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS:

Dear friends, 

How often have you felt bloated….foggy…or just generally crummy throughout the day after having a large meal?

Once a week?  Twice?  More?

Today, more than ever, our bodies are swimming in a sea of toxins and pathogens…

…you know, the ones that make you sick, bloated, unhealthy, and fat.

Every day, you are exposed to TRILLIONS of them – from the foods you eat to the liquids you drink…

…even the air you breath is infested with dangerous, often-times deadly bacteria.

And these bacteria get trapped inside your body – making it hard to feel good day in and day out.

These dangerous, unhealthy pathogens may also be causing a change within your body, therefore making it harder than ever for you to burn fat and keep it off!

But I can promise you, there is a simple fix in sight.

And if you stick around, I will show you exactly what you need to do to change your body and send those deadly pathogens and toxins packing and out the door.

Now, most of the time, people think potential health issues with a specific area of the body.

Like when you see an engorged pimple on your face, you immediately think skin.

Or when your knees and hips are inflamed and screaming at you not to take ONE MORE STEP, your mind jumps to your joints.

Perhaps you can’t breathe due to a severe asthma attack, so you know that you have some lung issues that you need to deal with.


Most of these issues may be signs of an unhealthy gut!  Yes, the same system that helps you digest the greasy cheeseburger or that decadent piece of cake…

…could be in distress, and those symptoms are the red flags your body is sending alerting you that there’s something wrong.

Do you want to fix your gut…reduce your inflammation…and burn even more fat this year?

Well, give a minute more of your time and I will explain the EXACT way to do this, and it only takes a few second each day!

Wouldn’t you agree that discovering the secret to unlocking your fat burning – once and for all – by simply fixing your gut – is well worth a few minutes of your time?

If not, feel free to exit.  If so, please continue reading to discover our powerful new secret…

…trust me - it will be well worth your time!   

Your Gut Is More Than Just A Digestive Machine
Providing The Energy You Need To Survive

Like most, you know that your gut is used to digest foods so they can be used by your body.

Although accurate, this is a grossly simplified definition and is just ONE function your gut performs each day to keep you healthy.

You see, your gut contains TRILLIONS of tiny, friendly bacteria which are not only important to your health, they are considered by many to be the main driving force for:

- A stronger, healthier immune system

- Acting as your second brain or an important messenger system between your brain and all the organs and cells in your body

- Breaking down and digesting food particles, making it easier for your body to get the necessary nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels

- Returning your body to the fat-fighting machine it naturally is (or wants to be)

And the painful joints…difficulty breathing…poor digestion and bloating…heartburn…irritability…and so on… 

Is just a painful reminder that your gut IS in disrepair – and in major need for an overhaul!

And although some people, friends of yours perhaps, may have these symptoms…

…many people have NO WARNING that there are issues in their gut!

In fact, here are some startling statistics:

- Over 200 million doctor visits are due to issues that pertain to the gut

- These visits ALONE rack up billions and billions of dollars in direct healthcare costs

- Over-the-counter remedies, like antacids, have quickly become a 10 billion dollar industry

Yes, I said that correctly, BILLIONS of dollars are spent each year treating gas, constipation, bloating, and pain in the U.S. alone!

The bottom line is this: 

Your gut and the trillions of living, breeding bacteria….

…the invisible bugs that keep you healthy without you even knowing it…

Contribute to the overall health of your entire body!

When your gut is functioning normally, and “good” bacteria are thriving, then you may find yourself healthy as a horse.


If your gut is functioning poorly, and the “bad” bacteria outnumber the “good” guys, then you may be susceptible to many of the diseases that plague our world today.

But there’s good news…

There’s a simple way to boost your gut health….reduce inflammation…burn fat…and improve your everyday health…

…in only seconds each day!

More on that in a moment…

There Are 100 TRILLION Microbes Living In Your Intestines And Collectively They OUTNUMBER Your Cells 10 To 1!

Let that set in for a moment…

The healthy microbes living in your intestines outnumber your normal, healthy cells 10 to 1!


Even though there are trillions of microbes crawling around your gut...

…some are considered “good” and beneficial to your health, while others are “bad” and may throw chaos into your system.

In fact, Edmond Huang from The University of California, Berkeley, told CNN:

“Get the right type in your gut and, depending on your condition, you may begin to see improvements in a matter of days or weeks.”

The right balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria, could lead to clearer memory and sharper thinking…an impenetrable immune system…better digestion and absorption…and a boost in fat loss.

Too many “bad” bacteria could cause constipation, gas, bloating, inflammation and discomfort.

Even though it sounds icky and downright disgusting…

….without these tiny, not-seen-by-the-naked-eye BUGS, your body could be fighting an uphill battle to keep you healthy.

Now, you’re probably asking, “How do you possibly get a bad batch of bacteria into your system?”

The simple answer: Your diet!  Hear me out…

If you eat too many sweet and sugary…processed and packaged foods…or foods filled to the brim with unhealthy trans-fats…

…you could already have a major disruption in the normal functioning of your gut.

These foods cause the “bad” bacteria to multiply and overtake your “good” bacteria, therefore causing those nasty symptoms from above.

This deadly influx of “bad” bacteria leads to inflammation of your intestines…

…and makes it that much easier for undigested food particles and toxins to slip, unnoticed, into your bloodstream.

Have you ever felt sluggish after a meal?  Or so bloated you needed to unbutton your pants?

Perhaps you had so much gas that you doubled over from the pain.

All these symptoms combined are just some of the highlights found in “leaky gut syndrome.”

This is why it’s so important to maintain the right balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

…these bad microbes could also make you FAT!

And if I were you, I would be mad…angry…and downright fed up with the food industry and the lies they have continued to tell you about their products!

You see, a recent study published in the prestigious journal “Nature,” showed that when “bad” bacteria were harvested from overweight men and women and transplanted into lean mice…

…the mice got fatter and fatter and they simply couldn’t get enough food!

Sound familiar?  

The fact is: More people leave the table too full to move, because they were unable to satisfy their cravings…


They overate because they simply couldn’t get enough to eat!

No wonder why we have a problem, not only in this country, but around the world!

Here’s the good news: When “good” bacteria were transplanted into the mice, they stayed lean and were able to control their appetite and food intake!

Even the renowned Cleveland Clinic has added their two-cents to the debate on healthy gut bacteria:

According to the results of a groundbreaking research study, their researchers found that “bad” gut bacteria changes the breakdown of certain foods.

…to produce nasty, disease-inducing compounds!

They showed that “bad” bacteria metabolizes meat and eggs differently, therefore leading to clogged arteries and an increased risk for death from a heart attack or a stroke.

So what are you supposed to do?

It’s simple:

You need to hit the reset switch on nature and RECLAIM the health of your gut!

And, like I mentioned previously, here is exactly how you can swap out the “bad,” disease-causing bacteria and replace them with the “good,” friendly bacteria your body needs.

Introducing The Newest Formulation Of Jaylab Pro Probiotics

If you want to swap out the disease-causing “bad” bacteria and put some “good” ones in your body…

Then Jaylab Pro Probiotics is your answer!

You see, Jaylab Pro Probiotics are healthy, friendly bacteria that are found in many of the foods you eat.

Do you enjoy your sausage with a heaping serving of sauerkraut?  

Perhaps you sip on a glass or two of fermented milk? 

Maybe you do exactly what Jamie Lee Curtis says, and you eat your daily cup of yogurt.

Although these foods are great for introducing healthy bacterial strains into your body and replacing those good ones that have been lost due to too many bad bacteria...

…there is a problem:

You would have to eat POUNDS of sauerkraut…

Guzzle GALLONS of fermented milk…

Or eat TUB after TUB of yogurt to get the necessary “good” bacteria levels to tip your gut health in the right direction!

Who has the time to eat that much food – EVERY DAY – just to alter their gut bacteria?

I know I don’t…and I am pretty sure you don’t either!

So, we came up with a solution for you…

You see, I locked our team of researchers in a room with me and searched high and low for the best solution to fixing YOUR gut health.

And after two weeks of being under lock-and-key, we finally found a powerful solution…

…a probiotic so powerful and state-of-the-art that it literally BLOWS all other probiotic products clear out off the shelves.

What makes Jaylab Pro Probiotics so unique and powerful?

I am so glad you asked!

First, Jaylab Pro Probiotics contains 10 BILLION live, friendly, and ACTIVE bacteria CLINICALLY shown to stabilize and GROW your current gut population.

Here are all the players you get in this special mix of probiotics:

Lactobacillus acidophilus – One of the main bacterial strains found in your intestines, this strain may restore balance to your gut population.  This strain is commonly used for treating diarrhea, and other stomach/intestinal issues.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus – This strain of bacteria was first discovered in 1938 and is used primarily to improve the function and integrity of the intestinal wall.  This also may aid in digestion and could prevent the growth of harmful bacteria from invading your gut. 

Bifidobacterium lactis – This strain of bacteria is commonly used to replenish “good” bacteria in the gut commonly destroyed by radiation, antibiotics, or chemotherapy.  It is also a common treatment for conditions such as ulcerative colitis and many others.

Lactobacillus casei – Another one of the main bacterial strains that inhabit your intestines and urinary tract, this type of bacteria is considered beneficial for your health.  It has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in diabetics, replenish gut bacterial populations to normal, alleviate symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis, and may even lower inflammation levels.

Bifidobacterium breve – One of the more important bacterial strains, this strain may help break down and digest food particles – even those considered indigestible.   It may also boost immunity.  The downside of this strain is it is commonly destroyed in times of stress, illness, or injury.  This helpful bacterium may lend a hand in protecting your health by boosting your immunity. 

Bifidobacterium longum – Welcome to the KING of bacteria!  Bifidobacterium longum may elicit the most benefits to your body.  Not only does it maintain a normal digestive tract, it fights the growth of bad bacteria, boosts your immune system, lowers cholesterol, and prevents lactose intolerance.  

Bifidobacterium bifidum – This bacterium is a vigilant fighter in the war against bad bacteria.  Its main responsibility is to maintain a healthy gut bacterial population, but it also controls the influx of bad bacteria into your intestines, bolsters your immune system, and aids in the digestive process.

Streptococcus thermophilus – One of the oldest bacterial strains around, this bacterium was used as one of the starter strains for yogurt geared for improving health.  Besides improving health and producing beneficial byproducts, streptococcus thermophilus breaks down casein (component in dairy) into smaller peptides.  This may make it easier for digestion and absorption by your body. 

Now, these 8 POWERFUL, clinically-proven bacteria could easily improve your health AND put all other products to shame…

…but there’s more!

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) – found naturally occurring in many foods, this acts as a fuel source for your gut bacteria, keeping them working overtime – without tiring – to support, improve, and protect your health.


FOS is a Prebiotic which means it feeds the probiotics in your intestines to keep you healthy.  FOS provides food to healthy bacteria (probiotics).  This makes the 8 powerful probiotic strains become even more effective at improving the health of your gut and your immune system

You see, most probiotic supplements today are grown on a milk-based culture – one they believe will yield the highest deliverability of the probiotics.

But this was the thinking years ago…

…and most probiotics – even the newer ones on the market today – still resort to the milk-based culture because they BELIEVE it works.

Why mess with something that works, right?

Well, we here at Jaylab Pro, wanted something different...something better…something state-of-the-art…

We wanted to develop a product that could withstand the acidic environment of the stomach AND deliver the probiotics that your body so desperately needs.

And then we found it!

Let me explain…

Unlike the other products, Jaylab Pro Probiotics are grown on a vegetarian-based culture – not milk-based – therefore setting it apart and making it a higher quality product compared to those that still use the outdated, milk-based cultured method.

Plus, the strains developed on a vegetarian-based culture are heartier and able to withstand the harsh environment of the stomach…

…all while strengthening your existing colony and helping to make the “good” guys flourish!

But that’s not all…

This new vegetarian-based culture makes OUR product more shelf-stable compared to other products on the market today!

Get this…

Most of the commercial products contain DEAD, lifeless bacteria that were either dead when they went into the product, or died when they were packaged, loaded onto a truck, and shipped to the store where YOU bought them.

And when your diet is full of sugar, processed and refined foods, and those deadly fats – and you THINK you’re getting the LIVE probiotics you just purchased…

You’re really getting a product that may not live up to the claims.

Chew on THAT for a minute!

And it gets worse…

Consumer reports recently showed that 80% of the foods you buy today – even the ones that have the terms “healthy,” “contains healthy probiotics,” and “contains naturally occurring live cultures” on the label, may be robbing you of your health – and your hard earned money.

That’s why I consider Jaylab Pro Probiotics as the natural choice for you.

Even world-renowned doctors, researchers, and scientists admit that taking a probiotic supplement may be the simplest, most effective way to increase your gut bacterial population AND return a sense of normalcy to your body.

Now, you’re probably sitting there saying, “Ok Jayson, I get it.  Probiotics are important for my health.  But what is a product like this going to cost me?”

Great question!

You would think that since we have put EVEN more benefits into this amazing product that we would charge a heck of a lot more.



Or even $67…

Not even close!  Because we want to get our powerful new-formula into the hands of so many loyal customers like yourself, we are giving you the opportunity to get your bottle for ONLY $39.95!

That’s an amazing 39% off the price that we COULD – and SHOULD - be charging you.

But, again…

Because we want as many people to try Jaylab Pro Probiotics, we are leaving the price as is to make it as affordable as possible for YOU – and your family and friends – to get their hands on this amazing product.

But we didn’t stop there…

…not even close!

We are also throwing in our ironclad, 60-day money back guarantee! 

If you don’t think or feel a difference, simply return the unused product and we will refund your money 100%!

No questions…no hassles…

Just great, old-fashioned customer service!  Not only do we stand behind our word that Jaylab Pro Probiotics are a step above the rest…

…but we believe that if you are not satisfied with your order, then our job isn’t complete until you are 100% satisfied!

But, we’re not done yet…

Would you finally like to eat a meal WITHOUT feeling bloated, gassy, or FULL immediately after?

Do you want to LOSE the excess belly fat that clings lifelessly to your sides, hips, and thighs?

Would you like to take back your health…improve digestion and immunity…and improve your health by switching out the “bad” bacteria with the “good” ones?

If you shook your head in agreement, then today is your lucky day!

I Am Also Including An Incredible FREE GIFT Just To Make This An Absolute No-Brainer For You To Try Right Now...

Inside this shocker you’ll discover for the very first time...


The REAL reason you are gaining weight.. and it's not your fault.


What are "fat bugs".. and can they actually help you lose weight effortlessly?


The fast and easy way to know if you have "good" bugs or "bad" bugs living in your gut


What your doctor never told you about your gut health... and why it's so important to your health


So, go ahead, grab your risk-free supply of the all-new, breakthrough Jaylab Pro Probiotics formula.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


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Jaylab Pro Probiotics

Jaylab Pro Probiotics

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Jaylab Pro Probiotics 6 Pack
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Jaylab Pro Probiotics 6 Pack

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Jaylab Pro Probiotics 3 Pack

Jaylab Pro Probiotics 3 Pack

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All of our Jaylab Pro products are made from all scientifically backed ingredients. You can read our ingredients without the use of a dictionary. 

Every raw material ingredient goes through a series of quality control tests before it is even accepted into inventory  Those same raw materials are held in temperature- and climate-controlled warehouses to ensure maximum potency.

Our products go through High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing to guarantee what we say is in the bottle is truly in the bottle and that it delivers the desired result

For powder blending, only V-blender and Ribbon Blender systems are used for thorough mixing and nitrogen flushing, assuring consistency and product integrity.

The water system that feeds the manufacturing environment includes reverse osmosis, micron filtering and de-ionization – all providing the cleanest de-ionized water for total product stability

 The bottom line is we love our customers, and our customers love our products! 

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